Friday, August 17, 2012

Of Course

Of course things don't work out my way. I was planning on using the Amazon gift cards that I've earned online to order the Body by Vi shake mix. Well once again my husband can't even pay for pull-ups for our son, so I had to use my Amazon gift cards for that. It's so disappointing because he told me that I could use them for myself this time. I'm so sick of my husband being lazy and not finding a real job. I pay for everything for the house and everything for the kids. I buy nothing for myself. Just this once I wanted to spend it on something to help improve myself. I even sold every bit of my sewing and craft stuff, including my sewing machine, so that I could get the kids school clothes and supplies. He's not there for us financially, emotionally, or physically. I really don't know why I stay. It's like I'm a single parent with the shell of another person taking up extra space here.

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