Monday, October 24, 2011

The fat girl has got to go.

For quite awhile now I've been gaining weight. I used to be the skinny girl; even after 2 kids. I was even skinny after number 3 came along. But something happened since then. I've just continued to gain weight. I think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that I quit smoking. I quit smoking during my pregnancies with all 3 boys, but picked it up again afterwards. Well I didn't start smoking again after Moon was born. He's 2 1/2 now and thankfully I am still smoke-free. When I was stressed in the past I would just head outside and light up a cigarette. Now I find stress relief in food, which actually just ends up stressing me out more.

I've been looking into different weight loss plans and I think I may have found one that may actually work for me. I just need to get my husband on board to let me go for it. He wants me to lose the weight, but he's not really supportive of me doing it. I'm not doing this for him though. I'm doing it for me. I don't want to be the fat girl anymore.