Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer fun

Lately it seems like I haven't had much time to do anything except to slave around the house and have fun with my boys. I try to take them to the park at least a few times a week. They immediately head straight for the ball field. I had asked them earlier this spring if they wanted to play baseball this summer. Both of the older boys completely refused. Yeah I was a bit sad about it. So what do they do out on the baseball field? Play kick ball of course. If kickball was a sport here they'd be playing everyday. When soccer season starts up again I have to make sure to sign them both up. They will love being a part of the soccer team.

Friday, June 1, 2012

It's Been a Long Time

It's been so long time since I've made a blog post. So many things have changed in our lives. My husband and I almost divorced, but somehow made it through. Then we lost my father-in-law to suicide. There's been other events that have happened that haven't been so great since the last time I posted. But I'm not going to get into all of that. We can only pray that our hearts will heal from all of the hurt that we've suffered.

Now it's summer vacation and my boys are home all the time with me. I'm so happy that I get to spend more time with them, but it's sure a challenge. I'm finally getting back into sewing. I haven't sewn much for awhile, but I have some blankets and quilts that need to be made for a couple charities that I need to get busy on.

On the last day of school we got pics done of our boys. The guy that took them has only had his business for about a year, but I think he did a pretty good job. He doesn't charge much so we got a heck of a deal.

This is one of my favorites. 

I plan on getting back into the blogging world. It will be nice to have a place of my own in this house full of boys. Glad to see that I still have some followers after my time away.